Altech Design - design of furniture and overall interiors. Design, execution and assemblage

We from Altech Design aim at perfection and beauty, and if we have to find a word, which best describes us it would definitely be “dedicated”.  The ultimate aim of Altech Design is to create style, luxury and comfort for our clients. We create unique interior solutions for the home, office, hotel, restaurant, boutique or the exhibition hall. We avoid the mundane and use the latest tendencies in the sphere of interior design and architecture. Regardless of whether we create individual overall projects or work on specific elements from the interior: doors, pieces of furniture, decorative walls, sections, etc., we always use the best materials and technologies.

Altech Design offers a complex service and personal attitude to each of its clients

We guarantee this with a dedication to the expectations and functional needs of our clients during each step of the work on the project. The visualization of the interior, which we offer( before the actual start of the physical process), the rendering of comments on it and approval from the client, reduces to a minimum the discrepancies between the expectations and the final vision and functionality of the work created by our specialists.