Quality Certificates of Altech Design

Quality, environmental, health and safety policy of ALTECH DESIGN LTD.

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Since 2015 Altech Design certifies its activity with  ISO 14001 certificate for protection of the environment. This certificate guarantees that:

- The company obeys the laws for the environment, concerning the toxic emissions, the noise levels, the disposal of industrial waters;
- The company maintain controlled and registered waste disposal system;
- Efforts are made for the reduction of energy consumption and there are projects, implemented for this purpose;
- The company is engaged with environmental projects.

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Since 2015 Altech Design certifies its activity with a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001. The aim of Altech Design are the highly qualified products, which meet the needs and the expectations of our clients.

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The certificate for "Socially Responsible Enterprise of the Year for 2013" proves that Altech Design is equally responsible both to the clients and employees.

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